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Over two-thirds of smartphones shipped in last quarter were Androids

IDC has just released their figures for the second quarter of the year, detailing smartphone shipments during that time period. Year-on-year smartphone shipments have increased 42% to 154 million units, driven primarily by Android.

68.1% of all smartphones shipped in the last quarter were Androids, driven primarily by Samsung who shipped 44% of the 105 million units shipped out from factories. Samsung’s share totalled more than the next seven Android device manufacturers combined.

The next largest share of the pie was Apple, who shipped 16.9% of smartphones during the quarter. Demand for the iPhone 4S has eased off since its October launch and many consumers are now looking to the launch of the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry shipments have dropped from 11.5% last year to 4.8% this year, but still remain the third largest platform. Behind the top three is Symbian and Windows Phone 7 / Windows Mobile with 4.4% and 3.5% of smartphone shipments during the quarter respectively. However, the Windows Phone platform managed to increase sales year-on-year by 115% to a relatively measly 5.4 million units. This was the largest growth percentage incurred by any of the platforms observed.

KitGuru says: While Android continues to surge, iOS and Windows Phone will hope to gain ground once their new devices launch later this year.

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