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NO!SE: The Game of Silence – win awesome prizes!

Nothing is more annoying than disturbing sounds inside your PC. As the name implies, be quiet! has always focused on providing products with unsurpassed noise free operation, at world class levels.

This focus has earned be quiet! the honor of being the best selling power supply maker in Germany for more than five straight years. In order to make you experience just how much be quiet! power supplies and cooling products silence your PC, they have now created a fun online game, that is all about enjoying the moment of dead silence.

There is only one thing you have to do in this game: Kill the noise! Ten buzzing mosquitoes are flying around in a dark computer case. You have to find them with a small torch and then use the crosshair to shoot them as quickly as possible for maximum score. You have to watch the time and shot rate carefully. The total time is 100 seconds, and each shot reduces the remaining time by one second. If you manage to kill all of the mosquitoes in the given time, you will experience the exact same silence effect, that you’ll get by installing be quiet! products inside your PC.

NO!SE is a cooperation between Kitguru and be quiet!. It will be run as a contest on the be quiet! Facebook fan page starting on Aug. 8 and ending on Sep. 10, 2012. The players with the highest scores will win one of the awesome and virtually inaudible be quiet! products listed below. Additionally, all participants ranking below tenth place will qualify for a chance at one of ten be quiet! surprise gift packages.

How do you enter? its easy – visit this link and just follow the instructions!

You can win the following prizes!

1st place one Dark Power Pro 10 850W
2nd place one Straight PowerE9 680W
3rd place one Pure PowerL8 630W
4th-6th place one Dark Rock 2 each
7th – 10th place two 120mm SilentWings 2 each

Did we get you excited? Then enter the game now, kill the noise, and set a high score for a chance to win whisper-quiet products from be quiet! – the German silence experts.

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