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AMD and Intel gain foothold at expense of nVidia

Jon Peddie Research just in shows that nVidia are suffering from double digit drops in sales within most market segments. Intel and AMD are gaining ground. KitGuru has reported AMD and Intel's successes many times recently, but some of that growth will, naturally, at the expense of nVidia. Let's see what the independent analysts say. 

Jon's a smart cookie who lives/works in a stunning environment, half way up a mountain in the States. From his vantage point, all of the world's graphics sales trends are analysed and examined in minute detail. Love him or hate him (we love him), he's very good at predicting what will be important in the future. This picture from TechPulse360 shows just how chummy the top brass are with Jon. 

Charming chappy Jon Peddie wrestles the real numbers from Jen Hsun


nVidia has been struggling lately, with huge drops in sales figures apart from the notebook arena which is one of their strong areas, seeing sales growth of 10 percent in the last quarter. nVidia have blamed a ‘greater-than-expected-shift” away from discrete graphics to PC's with integrated, lower cost solutions. 

Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun hoping that his sales figures will grow to 'this' size in the coming reports


Intel will be pleased with the reports as their market domination grew to 54.9 percent, a considerable improvement when compared to their last quarter result of 49.7 percent. Unit shipments also grew by 15.3 percent which is hugely impressive. Sales of inexpensive Atom based machines has been a huge sector for Intel and AMD also benefited with a 32.6 percent jump when compared to sales at the same time last year. AMD now have a 24.4 percent market share. 

KitGuru says: Hopefully nVidia can recuperate their sales figures in the last quarter of 2010 as we all need healthy competition. The harsh reality is that if Northern/Southern Islands does well, Fusion eats up low end market share (because people no longer need so many entry level graphic cards) and Intel moves to productise Larrabee off the back of console wins in 2012, then the next 3 years could be very bleak. Come on Jen Hsun – unveil your killer blow!

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