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HIS 5770 IceQ 5 Turbo Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today at KitGuru we are going to be looking at the HIS IceQ 5 Turbo 5770 I GB graphics card.  In the efforts to attract the educated enthusiast audience HIS have enhanced the reference solution and used their IceQ 5 cooling technology on this particular unit.

The 5770 has established a good hold in the budget gaming market, offering the latest DirectX 11 features, 1GB of GDDR5 and a 128bit memory controller. We are going to match this card up with suitable partnering equipment today to show just what level of gaming experience we can have with a budget system.

HIS has increased the Core clock speeds on their IceQ 5 Turbo from 850 MHz to 875 MHz and increased the memory clock from 1200 MHz to 1250 MHz which is an impressive ‘out of the box’ configuration,  but since KitGuru readers tend to be obsessed with speed we hope there is significant headroom when we get around to manual overclocking later.

As a site we usually focus on UK prices and deals but this time we thought it was about time that Kitguru had some coverage with reviewer views from across the ocean in Canada.

Cooler IceQ 5
GPU 5770
Core Clock 875 MHz
Memory Clock 5Gps /// MHz
Memory Interface 128 bit
Interface PCI Express x16 (PCI Express 2.1)
Shaders 800 Unified
Pixel fill rate 13.6 Gigapixels/sec
Idle reference board power 18 watts
Maximum reference board power 108 watts

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  • Death Dealer

    the pages were broken there, but I see its fixed now. Good review steve thanks. seems a decent board and its nice to see a custom cooler which doesnt dump all the heat out into the chassis.

  • Eric K

    Interesting to see HIS with such a strong range of custom solutions. seems they along with powercolor are getting into a very competitive market with sapphire.

  • Terry

    HIS are a good maker but I notice their cards always seem a little louder than some other makes. same with the HD5870 which I read about on several sites before.

  • Tech Head

    I can’t believe how cheap those systems cost for the american users. 600 bucks for a system like that in total, would be like twice that here.

  • Steve

    5 series has such good power consumption ratings, very impressive, still even now.

  • Darth maul

    INExpensive cards, but still good performers. ive been using a standard hd5770 to play starcraft 2 at 1920×1200 and its perfectly fine. Its good value, best on the market.

  • Tri Color

    HIS seem a decent make going on the reviews here. so much competition now in the ATI sector that its hard to know which card to go for !

  • Brian

    The all important question I need answered and im hoping Kitguru can find out, what is their support and replacement policy like in the UK and USA? this is quit often the selling point with so many people making these boards.

  • Kerdie

    Hey Steve Ruxton, what is HIS warranty like? if it fails, how long have I got? I am in Canada like you. Have they a decent replacement/repair/replace policy? They are far east make, im always dubious.

  • Brad

    Mixed reports on google, some say its fine, others say it sucks. I think this is why Sapphire do so well, they have a dedicated team handling RMAs.

    Any info from kitguru would help however as I agree, before I buy anything, I want to know their support policies.

  • Chaos

    I will contact HIS regarding their warranty/replacement policy

  • Brad

    Steve, thank you very much my man hope its positive feedback 🙂

  • Roger

    Funnily enough I was just going to ask the same question – have HIS got any good support at all for customers or is it just rubbish outside far east?

  • Tri Color

    isnt it a year in the USA? thought it was last time I looked.

  • Garry

    Well finally a 5770 with a proper air forced cooler. most of them lately have had coolers which push all the hot air into the chassis inside, which is not a good system.

    Sadly I just read about the new single slot HD5770s which puts these to pasture…….

  • Sam

    Nice to see some USA based reviews on KitGuru, Ive nothing against the UK, but its good to see a selection from other people !

  • Derek

    Well this was a good review Steve, thanks. Is the noise ok, even when gaming? im trying to build a system inside a silverstone SG07 and I was wondering if it was ok for media use too. at basically idle.

  • Death Dealer

    Very good review, like the noise testing here, always very useful. this one seems a bit louder than a few of the more silent HD5770s – wonder if these are worth a CF configuration down the line or would they be too loud in a pair.

  • Tres Bien

    thanks, read this earlier during my lunch break, shame powercolor and XFX announced single slot designs lol. this was a good first choice.

  • Luke Skywalker

    The HD5770 is surprisingly good, was refreshing to read a reviewer not demanding a HD5870 in CFX for good gaming.

  • for those that asked, I was able to take the fan speed up to 65% before it became what i consider borderline annoying in any way, even at those speeds it is quieter then the reference models.