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HIS 5770 IceQ 5 Turbo Review

Before we get into the gaming portion of our review we opted to look briefly at 2 synthetic benchmarks. We are going to use 3DMark Vantage as a DX 10 reference and Heaven Benchmark 2.1 as a reference for DX 11. After that we will be able to get onto the fun stuff and concentrate on some games.

3DMark Vantage is the first on our test bench today. It is a benchmark designed to test the DirectX10 performance of your graphics card. Running this application, which is based on comprehensive real-time 3D graphics and processor tests, generates a 3DMark score that is an overall reflection of your system’s ability to handle 3D gaming. When we usually look at 3DMark Vantage we us the Extreme setting but keep in mind we are using a mainstream system not some killer machine. For this particular benchmark we will be running the test at the Performance settings (1280×1024) which happens to be the default.

This HIS IceQ 5 5770 Turbo produced consistent numbers very close to 30 FPS across all of our tests as did the reference 5770. The Turbo model is clocked to 875/1250 while the reference speeds are 800/1200 and we did see marked performance gains throughout. These results are fairly strong considering its price point and reinforces the fact that the HD5770 is a good value for money card while still delivering decent levels of performance.

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