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HIS 5770 IceQ 5 Turbo Review

To test our power draw we will be using the P3 Kill A Watt.  This handy little utility will show tell us how much power we are pulling directly from the wall socket.  The Athlon II 255 CPU draws 65 watts maximum so we should get a good idea of just what kind of power usage the HIS IceQ 5 5770 needs to do it’s thing.

Update: People have asked about the power numbers. If you look at the series of 3 images below the first image shows the power draw of our test system while it is in an idle state which is 101 watts.  The second image that reads 173 watts is the total power draw while playing AVP at 1080p resolution.  The final image shows how much power our system was pulling from the wall socket while running the Furmark benchmark. The total amount of power being used to run our entire test system minus the monitor was 204 watts.

Running AVP at 1080p resolutions and all in game settings maxed our our entire system is pulling 173 watts from the wall socket and when we are running Furmark it increased by an additional 31 watts. Pretty impressive only taking 204 watts to run our entire rig with Furmark stressing the card.

Power usage with the IceQ 5 5770 is outstanding.  Our card only used 72 watts of power while we were playing AVP and 103 watts to power Furmark.

It’s hard to find fault when our entire rig is only sucking 204 watts of power while it deals with Furmark.

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