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AMD HD6970 update and performance indicators.

Kitguru frequently receives inside information on upcoming products and often we publish the news just as we get it – sure we aren't always popular with some company executives for doing it, but we can live with that.

Last night we were given a very detailed listing from a reputable source relating directly to performance levels for upcoming AMD graphics card products, not yet in the public domain. These performance figures were incredible and our news team decided to post a quick news article until I had time to analyse the figures myself later.

I spoke directly with some very close sources to AMD to get confirmation on the performance figures we received. As there is already much confusion relating to the HD6970 part we felt it was important to update everyone as to what we have heard a short while ago. Although I can vouch for this source as 100% accurate, I cannot reveal their identity.

Just to clarify for our readers: The HD6970  is not aimed at the GTX580 price point and therefore will not perform to the same levels. We are fairly certain that it will be a stunning value for money solution however.

The figures we received which formed the basis of the earlier newspost were for another card in the upcoming AMD range and as such needed clarification. We cannot detail further information at this time as we are under NDA with AMD and will not break these terms. You can rest assured however that the upcoming cards from AMD are going to be absolutely stunning. Nuff' said.

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