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ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid Review (with Nvidia GTX680)

We firstly tested with the reference cooler installed on the GTX680, recording the results to use as the all important baseline. The card was then disassembled and the Accelero Hybrid installed. The room environment was maintained at 24c throughout all the tests.

Firstly we checked temperatures after booting the system and letting it idle at the desktop for 15 minutes.

The ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid drops the temperature by 8c when compared against the reference Nvidia GTX680 cooler. Impressive results.

Next, we test with Furmark, using the intensive stress test for a solid 15 minutes, then taking a snapshot of the results.

For ‘real world’ gaming results, we let the card idle for 15 minutes then play Max Payne 3 for an hour, recording the maximum temperature during the playing session.

Some incredible results with the Accelero Hybrid cooler installed. The gaming load and synthetic load drop by 30c and 33c respectively. We have never seen a GTX680 run at 42c when gaming … these are normally close to the idle temperature results!

The reference cooler took over 3 minutes to return to idle after being primed with Furmark for 15 minutes. By comparison, the Accelero Hybrid dropped to idle in the space of 11 seconds.

The Accelero Hybrid is much quieter than the reference cooler, almost silent, even when under Furmark load. The small 80mm fan does spin up a little when under synthetic load to deliver a high level of airflow over the VRM and memory heatsinks which produces most of the noise recorded.

Maximum noise levels we recorded were 30.8 dBa, which is barely audible, and certainly not when paired up with several enthusiast grade chassis fans.

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