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Gigabyte R9 270X Windforce OC Review

Gigabyte’s R9 270X WindForce OC is assuredly one of the best mid range AMD boards available today and ships fitted with one, if not the best coolers available on the market.

The talking point of this card is undoubtedly the WindForce cooling solution. We know there is no point adding in more fans if they are low grade units, but the three quality fans adopted by Gigabyte ensure that the GPU core runs at close to 50c when under gaming load.

The added cherry on the cake are the low noise emissions. This WindForce cooler has actually toppled results from market leaders Sapphire and ASUS, which we tested in recent months.

Out of the box, the 1,100mhz R9 270X WindForce is one of the fastest on the market, surpassed only by the Asus R9 270X DCUII TOP clocked at 1,120mhz and the Sapphire R9 270X Toxic Edition which is clocked at 1,150mhz. There is plenty of overclocking headroom however, and we managed to overclock the Gigabyte card to 1,205mhz. Obviously all samples will exhibit different results, but there is clearly potential to get a little extra frame rate performance from each board.

When we factor in the price it is difficult to ignore the Gigabyte R9 270X WindForce, as you can pick one up from Overclockers UK for only £164.99 inc vat. If you have a 1080p monitor and want to keep your finances in check then this is surely one of the best options on the market in December.

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  • superb cooling performance.
  • low noise levels.
  • overclocking headroom to 1,200mhz+
  • good out of box overclock.


  • A lot of competition between £160 and £180.

Kitguru says: A superb graphics card, combining low noise, class leading cooling performance with a competitive price point.

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Rating: 9.0.

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  1. Well that is beautiful, no doubt about it. excellent card from Gigabyte!

  2. the windforce coolers are great, I have an older windforce card and its quiet as hell.

    Just watch out for dust long term, they do gather a lot, and I find they need cleaned out every 4 -5 months under regular use or performance will be hurt.

  3. If you only have a 1080p monitor I dont see any point in spending more than £180 now.

  4. Ordering this one in the new year. superb for the money

  5. Well I’m more than sure that I’ve made a good investment, my country is hot, arround 36 on summer so a good cooling solution it’s a must have, anyway good investment, good decent card, way more cheaper than nVidia’s a power hungry overheating machine, I’ve hada lot bad experiences with nVidia this is my first AMD-ATI GPU