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HIS HD6970 CrossFireX Graphics Card Review

To overclock the HD6970 today we used Catalyst Control Center initially, then pushed higher with the Sapphire TRIXX overclocking tool. All of our samples overclocked to almost identical levels so the screenshots may not be directly linked to the cards in this review. This is because they are all the same reference design from the same production line batch.

The HD6970 peaked at 950mhz. Memory reached 1475mhz (5900mhz effective). This is the an 18 percent overclock on the Hynix GDDR5 memory, we are very impressed with this.

If ever you needed to see the performance differences between the last generation and the current generation AMD graphics cards then this is a good test to run. Tessellation performance due to the architectural changes noted earlier shows that a single overclocked HD6970 is capable of performing close to the HD5870’s in a Crossfire configuration!

At these overclocks, temperatures rose by around 3-4 C under load.

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