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HIS HD6970 IceQ Mix Review

Rating: 8.0.

Many months after the initial launch there are a wide variety of HD6970’s available on the market, some with custom coolers and others with enhanced PCB designs. Today we are looking at the new HD6970 board from HIS, which features both.

The HIS HD6970 IceQ Mix is the latest high end board from HIS which utilises their funky ICEQ cooler. We have reviewed several of their IceQ products in the past and they have been surprisingly, and consistently good.

While this card features a custom heatsink, cooling solution and PCB design, it is supplied at reference clock speeds of 880mhz core and 1375mhz GDDR5. Bizarrely HIS also include the Lucid Hydra chip on the PCB for ‘mixed’ graphics card configurations.

Product HIS HD6970 IceQ Mix
Core Clock speed 880mhz
Primitive Rate
2 prim/clk
Shader Architecture
Stream Processors
24 SIMD/1536 ALU
Texture Units 96
ROPs/Z-Stencil 32/128
Frame Buffer 2GB GDDR5
Memory Width/Speed 256 bit, 5.5 Gbps
Power Connectors 8 pin & 6 pin
Display Outputs 2xDVI + 2x mDP + HDMI

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