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HIS HD7950 Review

We are using the latest version of Sapphire TriXX for our testing today. This software works great with all AMD graphics hardware.

Clearly plenty of headroom on the HD7950 core, we managed to increase the clock from 800 mhz to 1,100mhz, which translates to around 39%! Memory could be pushed from 1,250 mhz to 1,362mhz (5,448mhz). Fantastic results.

The huge overclock helps push the HD7950 performance well past the reference clocked HD7950. The score increases from 6,799 points to a very tasty 8,611 points!

We have never seen a card respond as well to overclocking as the HD7950. It brings back memories of the fun we had with the GTX460 hardware, when Nvidia first launched … the increases are staggering. When overclocked to 1,100mhz, the card outperforms the reference clocked HD7970, which is impressive.

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