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MSI GTX650Ti Boost Twin Frozr OC GPU Review

Rating: 9.0.

AMD recently released their HD7790 to target the budget gaming audience and today we take a look at a modified version of the new Nvidia GTX650 Ti Boost from MSI. This particular card is supplied in an over clocked state and ships with a heavily modified dual fan cooler to enhance performance and reduce temperatures. We test today against a variety of cards from AMD and Nvidia partners. 

Nvidia launched their GTX 650Ti back in October last year, to challenge AMD in the budget sector. The GTX 650Ti delivered solid performance which outclassed AMD’s HD7770. AMD’s HD7790 launch was generally positive, however we feel it was marred by pricing concerns – right now you can buy a HD7850 for the same price.


The GTX650Ti Boost incorporates a 192 bit wide GDDR5 memory interface compared to the standard GTX650 Ti’s narrower 128 bit. The MSI GTX650Ti Boost Twin Frozr OC we are looking at today features 2GB of GDDR5 memory and is priced around the £150 inc VAT mark, although many Boost Edition cards will be available at a later date with 1GB, driving down prices to the consumer.

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