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Ultra low price 760G boards move to support FX challenge

One of KitGuru's bugbears has been AMD's consistency in releasing processors that may well be appealing – but then burying them under the weight of a mainboard that costs more than the chip. Now it seems that there better options available from resellers like Aria. KitGuru pulls out a Casio FX calculator to add up the cost of entry level overclocking in 2013.

Coolers, memory and hard drives are all looking pretty stable – in terms of price. There is a slight upward pressure on RAM right now, but this will ease when the dollar rate relaxes.

When it comes to graphics cards, you have never had it so good you lucky people. AMD's attack with the 7870 Tahiti LE edition and the new assault from nVidia with the GTX 650 Ti Boost plus money off the GTX 660 cards all add up to a nice bargain – whatever you choose.

Which brings us to the mainboard and CPU.

Almost 2/3 of the KitGuru audience believes that the FX6000 series contains the best processors on the market under £100. That's the same group of KitGuru readers where 80% believe that – money no object – you should buy an Intel ‘k' series chip.

So you have decided on something like a 6200 or 6300, but don't want to spend £100 on a 990 chipset mainboard. What are your options?

The latest price move from Asus and Aria, brings the M5A78L-M LX V2 into play for a lot of customers. At £29.58 + VAT you can get this for £35.50 all in.

That gives you the option for an FX-6300 (£104.88) based system for a total of £140.38 – which is £100 under the lowest 3570k from the same reseller.

Whatever your individual mainboard preferences, this push on 760G boards will certainly help open the world of +4GHz computing for more and more overclockers.

We really wish Intel would reconsider creating a ‘k' processor for the Core i3 series.


KitGuru says: Depending on your skill, set-up and ‘how long you want it to live', the 6300 should give you 4.4GHz to 4.8GHz. Which should be enough for Solitaire.

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