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MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II Review – the ultimate 560 ?

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are looking at one of the sexiest GTX 560’s released to date. This card is supplied in a pre overclocked state and features the awesome MSI Twin Frozr II cooler. We have very high expectations for this product and we will be comparing it to a wide variety of cards from both AMD and Nvidia partners.

The MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II is based around Nvidia’s latest GF114 chip. The GTX560 Ti is identical to the GF104 (GTX460) in regards to specifications and transistor count although it has a full compliment of 384 CUDA cores enabled. There are many electrical enhancements when compared to the older design, which should deliver great power consumption figures.

Additionally, the hardware is based around a 256 bit wide GDDR5 memory interface with 32 ROPs and features branched geometry processing.

The MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II features clock increases from 822mhz to 880mhz on the core, and GDDR5 speeds enhanced from 1002mhz to 1050mhz.

Geforce GTX 460 1GB
Geforce GTX 560
Core Clock Speed 675mhz
Shader Units 336
ROPs 32
Transistors 1950M
Memory Size 1024MB
Memory Bus Width 256bit
Memory Clock 900mhz

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  • Gaksj

    damn, thats a nice card. MSI certainly have created one of the nicest looking cards !

  • Frankie

    Thats what im talking about. under £200 too ! wow, was expecting it to be 230. best buy right now? must be up there with the best.

  • Tech Head

    Have to hand it to MSI, they know their card designs. I dont buy into that ‘military grade’ stuff myself, but the cards get plenty of attention to detail and thats worth a lot of credit when some other manufacturers can be very lazy.

  • Tim

    Excellent, glad to see a good 560 here, even among the 40,000 AMd reviews 😉

  • Seth

    I have the 460 GTX from MSI, which I read here and on bitech last year, its been the best video card ive owned. I dont really need this card, but the next generation 660 ? ill be getting that from MSI. awesome boards.

  • Ned

    560 is an awesome card, thanks for the review Z, awesome as always.

  • Mannie

    Wish they would do a 2GB version. lets also hope the new generation will support 3 screens without needing two.

  • Roger

    Very impressed with this board, 60c under load when gaming? thats better than a 5770 I have in another case !

  • Ben

    Great price point to achieve. would be my first choice for a new card.

  • Victor Raymond

    nvidia tessellation performance gets to me everytime. AMD have still such a long way to go.

  • Colyn

    proves a point too that when AMD fans say Nvidia suck a lot of power, the new designs have it sorted. 🙂