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MSI R6870 HAWK (Twin Frozr III Thermal Design) Review

ShaderToyMark is an OpenGL benchmark, developed with GeeXLab, and focused on pixel shaders only.

In the words of the author … Why ShaderToyMark? Simply because I recently played with the pixel shaders available with Shader Toy, a great WebGL tool for testing GLSL shaders. And I said to myself: that would be nice to see several of these shaders running at the same time in the same 3D window… ShaderToyMark was born.

The contributors of Shader Toy are all famous demomakers and their shaders are real gems. It’s just amazing to see what can clever people do with some sin/cos and other math tricks.

The MSI R6870 Hawk delivers a solid 31 frames per second, the same as the HD5870 and a couple of frames above the reference clocked card.

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  • Harry

    I am not easily impressed, but this did it.

  • Seth

    That is one hell of a mid range graphics card. Wish they would bring out a MARS or ARES style card. my money is on that it would be better than anything asus could do.

  • Rupert

    I love their frozr coolers. buddy of mine has one of their older boards and the cooling system is the best on the market.

  • Hank

    I love their customised solutions, the high end modded stuff they bring out. this is f*cking brilliant.

  • Ned

    With all the extras ill be stunned if this retails for only £20 more than reference

  • Samuel

    59c under gaming load. thats specatular. my 6850 runs 10-15c higher.

  • KorN

    I never knew they made customised cards like this. its a complete overhaul. excellent. so im waiting on the 560 modded one now 🙂

  • Frankie Delitto

    man I love this site, I was waiting on this card and didnt expect a review so soon. ordering it when I can.

  • Toby Medo

    Great bit of engineering from MSI, these guys can deliver smoking hot hardware when they put their mind to it. they are just slow on releasing the hardware, but worth the wait.

  • Natahna

    Biggest issue I have is that with 20-30 more than a reference HD6870, you are starting to get into the 6950 zone.

  • Bret

    Very elaborate design. A lot of work went into this card. Nice job.

  • Manny

    I love the metal cooler, thats radical. bet it weighs a ton.

  • TyranT

    I love my MSI 5770 HAWK
    can’t wait to get this R6870.. Better start saving money..

  • elite12

    exelente review!!!! en estos dias me llegaaa y estoy feliiz!!

  • produKt-nz

    I bought two of these cards on recommendation. Glad I did after reading this 😀 Would love crossfire-x support tho, then i would have got three 🙂

  • BIGfalconlover1

    I got two and one is bad. Card its WAY too hot 90c when playing BF3 while my other card was nice and cool max temp 52c. Cost to ship and replace under RMA was $21 Fedex. MSI sent my card back from RMA after 4 weeks and its still at 90c on load. Its like they didn’t even touch it. I can’t recommend this card due to MSI RMA. Just do a quick search on hot twin frozer cards. Its a nightmare. Run from MSI.

  • Sorry to hear that, ill mention it to MSI.

  • Gundam

    If your Twin frozer is getting hot.
    Remove the cooler and clean the GPU form to thick thermal paste.
    Ad some Artic silver paste and voila a cooler card.
    Well that fixed my hot issue.

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  • Matias Gracia

    i have a this card and i would like to know something that is not explained anywhere, not even the manual.
    There is a few red leds on top of de video card and i don´t know what is their function (in my case are always on). Could anyone tell me? Thanks!