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Nvidia GTX760 Graphics Card Review

No retail box or accessories with an Nvidia reference sample. We can see that the card is based around a single fan dual slot cooling system.
The PCB on the reference card is the same black colour as the cooling system. The PCB is only around 3 quarters the length of the cooler however, with a plastic panel resting underneath the fan above (shown in the image above right). The reference card measures 9.5 inches.
The card takes power from two six pin power connectors.
It is SLi compatible in 2, 3 and Quad configurations.
The card has two dual link DVI connectors, alongside a single HDMI and DisplayPort connector.
As we mentioned earlier in the review, the GTX760 cooler is longer than the PCB underneath. The cooling base isn’t that large, but most of it is copper and the offset fan forces cool air across the fins and outside the back of the case. The VRM’s on this card are cooled by a large, dedicated heatsink, shown above.

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