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Star Citizen is most crowd funded project ever

Star Citizen, the space faring sim set to come out out Cloud Industries sometime in the latter half of 2014, has passed the Pebble Watch for smartphones, making it the most funded project since the concept of crowd funding hit the internet.

Of course Star Citizen didn't do it in a few weeks like the Pebble product, it's done it over several months. It initially raised around $2 million during the Kickstarter campaign but went on to raise a further $8.5 million through the official website which has all the usual stretch goals and funding targets that you'll find in the average campaign.

It's raised the last million and a half in just under two months as well, with us reporting on 1st May about it passing the $9 million mark.

Headed by space sim veteran – and creator of games like Wing Commander and Freelancer – Chris Roberts, Star Citizen has managed to get nearly 200,000 people to pledge. The count at the time of writing is 194,112 “space sim fans.”

Gotta love them lens flares. 

To commemorate this occasion, a post has appeared on the RobertsSpaceIndustries site, stating the company's excitement and thanks.

“Your support isn’t just making Star Citizen a reality, it’s changing the face of game development,” it begins. “In fact, you pushed the project over an important milestone: over the weekend Star Citizen backers officially passed the $10,266,844 pledged to Pebble Watch, making Star Citizen the number one crowd funded project of all time. That’s a record you should be proud of. But we’re just getting started!”

It then goes on to clarify some of the details in the recent video which showed the above space shuttle. It explains that the ship was debuted in-engine with game-spec textures and models. This is no “high-poly fake created for cutscenes and good PR. What you’re seeing is what you’ll play.”

KitGuru Says: As excited as I am for this game, I'm done backing projects that over a year away. I just can't be bothered to wait. I forget they even exist before it's released. I'd rather be reminded close to launch and get into it then… like the good old days.

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