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Nvidia GTX760 Graphics Card Review

Our review today focuses on the reference Nvidia GTX760 sample. While we imagine there will be some rebadged GTX760 reference cards available around £210 inc vat, most of our audience will be interested in the overclocked, custom solutions that proliferate the market shortly after launch.

For this reason we wanted to see how the GTX760 would perform when overclocked, especially when all of the comparison cards tested today exhibit enhanced core and memory speeds, out of the box.

Both sets of GTX760 results (stock speeds and overclocked speeds) will be included in the review today, to show how the reference card performs and how a highly overclocked sample will enhance the frame rate results.

We used the latest version of MSI Afterburner for overclocking today.
Our sample exhibited substantial headroom on the core clock speed, overclocking from reference speeds of 980mhz to a whopping 1,180mhz. This translates into a 20% core clock improvement, which should impact performance results significantly. The GDDR5 memory on this sample seemed much more limited, allowing another 60mhz before artifacting would occur.

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