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Powercolor HD6850 Single Slot Edition Review

Rating: 8.0.

For those looking for a new slimline graphics solution, this new midrange card from Powercolor might just tick all the right boxes. If space is at a premium then this card offers ‘full fat’ gaming performance with 775mhz core speed and up to four cards supported in CrossFireX.

The Powercolor HD6850 Single Slot Edition is a svelte, attractive design and it will undoubtedly find itself installed into many confined enthusiast media centers.

HD6850 Single Slot Edition
Core Speed 775MHz
Memory Speed 1000MHz(4.0Gbps)
Memory 1GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth 256bit
Eyefinity Yes
DirectX® 11
CrossFireX™ Yes
Output DL-DVI-I/ HDMI/2x mini DisplayPort

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  • Yannis

    Looks great. I like the fact many media system will suit this, and its more powerful than the usual single slot option

  • Peter T

    Nice looking card, very slim 😉

  • Rob

    The noise figures are helpful, but I want to get two for a new crossfire based media center in a HTPC lian li chassis. will the noise be offputting? its hard to know.

  • Nester

    Its a neat idea for a fairly high powered card, but in reality most people shouldnt touch it. they are better off with a dual slot design as they always run cooler and produce less noise. shame they didnt opt for a bigger fan which would spin slower.

  • 0ptix

    Not for me, 6950 is in my plans for the future.

  • Gav

    I opted for a 5670 passive card for my media system, it was enough for what I needed. this is a good option, but most people will want a silent or very quiet card for media. this isn’t it. good review

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