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Powercolor HD6870 PCS++ Review

Rating: 8.0.

Powercolor have been one of the more active AMD partners in recent months, releasing many modified cards with custom cooling solutions for all sectors of the market. Today we are looking at their latest HD6870 PCS++ which is supplied with a proprietary cooler and substantial ‘out of the box’ overclocks.

AMD’s HD6870 has proved a good seller in recent months, targeting the lower end of the gaming market, but offering good performance at modest resolutions. Powercolor are aiming to push this specific board design as far as possible by increasing the core clock by a whopping 75mhz and the memory clock by 100 mhz (400mhz effective).

Powercolor HD6870 PCS++ AMD HD6870 AMD HD5870
Die Size (mm2) 255 255 334
Transistor Count 1.7 billion 1.7 billion 2.15 billion
Memory Bandwidth 4.6Gbps 4.2GBps 4.8GBps
Stream Processors 1120 1120 1600
Texture Units 56 56 80
ROPs 32 32 32
Core Clock 975 mhz 900 mhz 850 mhz
Memory Clock 1,150mhz 1,050mhz 1,200mhz

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  • Nester

    Nice looking cooler indeed. weird about the temps, that seems very high. the A on the furmark and GPUZ seem VERY high though, I wonder is the bios messed up?

  • Frank

    They are making some great cards. bummer you got a dodgy sample. it happens. at least they arent cherry pickin them

  • Colin

    Hey, can you pass over my details to powercolor? I have the same card and the same problem. I dont think its your specific sample, perhaps a faulty batch with too much voltage?

  • 5eenbynotheard

    Score is too high, the card is faulty, you review what you are given. 6/10 max

  • Nicholas

    Fumark is too much of a stress test now. its like prime. its useless nothing ever stresses out hardware this much. something like crysis is fine. all you need

  • Optix

    This is why Sapphire get such a good name, because things like this just dont happen for them!

  • Jeffrey

    6870 isn’t a good seller for AMD. its one of their worst sellers. the lower end boards get them their gravy.

  • Bill Red

    optix what do you mean? i think this deal about sapphire being perfect is stupid.

    I have had sapphire cards fail before years ago. most of them are made in the same factories anyway by palit.

  • 8273

    You scored it too high, even if it is a bad card, you needed to score it lower. Cant take powercolors word on it !

  • Paul

    I found another review and theirs seems ok. I think this one might have a different bios with more voltage. the Amps look higher than even most OC’d models ive seen in furmark.