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Powercolor HD6950 PCS++ 2GB Review – dual action

Rating: 9.0.

The HD6950 has been a big seller for AMD over the last couple of months, thanks to a combination of solid pricing and high levels of performance. When the enthusiast audience learned that the HD6950 could be easily modded into a HD6970, sales figures increased even more. Powercolor have capitalised on this easy software modification by releasing the HD6950 PCS++, a card which comes with both a HD6950 and HD6970 bios.

Not only does the Powercolor HD6950 PCS++ offer HD6970 performance levels at the flick of a switch, but it also has a custom heatpipe cooler and PCB to improve noise emissions and reduce temperatures.

Product Powercolor HD 6950 PCS++
(6950 mode)
Powercolor HD 6950 PCS++
(6970 mode)
Core Clock speed 800mhz 880mhz
Shader Architecture
Shader Units
Frame Buffer 2GB GDDR5 2GB GDDR5
Memory Width/Speed 256 bit, 5 Gbps 256 bit, 5 Gbps
Power Connectors 8 pin & 6 pin 8 pin & 6 pin
Display Outputs 2xDVI + 2x mDP + HDMI 2xDVI + 2x mDP + HDMI

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  • Garth

    really clever idea to have a dual bios preconfigured like this. I know some people dont want to flash their cards due to the risk of killing it and having no comeback.

  • Nick

    Its a really nice idea to be seen as being active like this. they do release some particularly impressive cards in the last year.

  • Frannie

    Their cooler is great, my friend has another card with the same cooler and its very quiet. dual fans always works great.

  • Thomas

    PCB design is good, and although I know they could maybe have used the better memory it would put the price up a good bit.

  • Benjamin

    Im still not sold on their cards, I hear horror stories of their UK support system. which is basically non existant. that is why I go for sapphire, cause I know ill get a replacement if the hardware fails. same for HIS, crap UK support.

  • NeD

    I like their PCS cards, always really well made, but I do echo a feeling of concern in the Uk. I know my wifes brother bought a powercard card years ago and it did fail after 10 months and no one would accept it back. A word of caution for those people buying one in the UK, their local support is not good. (or wasnt ).


    Their support in USA is very good.