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Sapphire HD5770 Flex Review on 3 monitors

While the Sapphire HD5770 Flex Edition appears at first glance to be just another mid range board, we have seen this to be very far from the truth – I will be honest and say that this would be my new first choice for a system. The biggest deciding factor is obviously the class leading monitor support which right now is unparalleled and unavailable from any other manufacturer. Just when we thought other ATI partners were closing the gap, Sapphire have unleashed without a doubt the finest mid range card on the market.

Not only is the multi monitor support without peer but the card overclocks to a level we have yet to experience with any HD5770 we have tested to date … almost 1000mhz on the core and an effective 5400mhz from the GDDR5. Granted, not every card will achieve these insane figures, but we are certain most will get close and a few maybe even higher.

Within a work environment the Flex card is an absolute pleasure. We were able to watch movies on the first screen, work in Photoshop on the second and check and answer emails on the third. The possibilities are endless and performance is always great without any lagging, window juddering or glaring issues. The ATI driver team also deserve a pat on the back for their excellent Catalyst 10.7 driver – we were expecting glaring bugs, but throughout a weeks solid testing we never experienced a single issue.

Multi monitor fraggin’ is a strong incentive for a purchase and as long as you don’t mind gaming without anti aliasing then this board can handle most mainstream engines. We are positive Sapphire will incorporate Flex technology into higher level boards later … meaning AA would be a clear possibility. Yes, we want some of that.

KitGuru says: The HD5770 Flex has reinforced Sapphire’s position as ATi’s strongest and most creative partner.

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Rating: 9.5.

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