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Sapphire HD7770 1GHZ Overclock Edition Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today AMD release their new HD7750 and HD7770 series graphics cards targeting the mainstream enthusiast audience. In this review we analyse the Sapphire HD7770 1GHZ Overclock Edition which is supplied resplendent with custom cooling solution.

Sapphire are AMD’s largest partner and over the last year they have been releasing some of the finest graphics cards known to man.

Their HD7950 Overclock Edition was one of the quietest performance cards we have tested to date, and could scale to over 1,200mhz.

In this state it was faster and quieter than the reference clocked HD7970 which cost £100 more.

Unlike VTX3D, Sapphire have taken the reference AMD cooler, ditched it and created their own. They are using a centralised, oversized fan on a blue PCB.

Product Sapphire HD7770 1GHZ OC Edition AMD HD7770 1GHZ
Process 28nm 28nm
1.5 billion
1.5 billion
Engine Clock
1,150 mhz
Stream Processors
Compute Performance 1.28 TFLOPS 1.28 TFLOPS
Texture Units 40 40
Texture Filrate 40.0 GT/s 40.0 GT/s
ROPs 16 16
Pixel Filrate 16.0 GP/s 16.0 GP/s
Z/Stencil 64 64
Memory Type 1GB GDDR5 1GB GDDR5
Memory Clock 1,250mhz 1,125mhz
Memory Data Rate 5.0 Gbps 4.5 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 72 GB/s 72 GB/s

Sapphire have overclocked the core from 1GHZ to 1,150mhz, and the memory from 1,125mhz (4.5Gbps effective) to 1,250mhz (5.0Gbps effective). Is this the best card on launch day?

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  • Raymond

    Good card, but I cant help but feel this range of cards from AMD is rather dull and lifeless. why remove alot of the shaders on the cards? makes no sense to go back a step. negates the gains from the manufacturing process and increasing the clock speeds

  • Ch3if

    Very dull launch day, they need to drop the prices.

  • Fank

    Sapphire always do good coolers, but id love to know who in AMD thought it was a good idea to lose 140 stream processors on the new card? the HD6770 had 800 !

  • Samuel

    Crossfire performance is really good. id like to see results from two of the OC’d models.

  • Mark

    great cooler, but the card undeneath hasn’t hit the spot im afraid.

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  • Muppett

    I can’t see anybody in the UK listing a Sapphire SKU with 1150Mhz Core clock…
    see Scan/Dabs have a 1120 listed…

  • Hi Muppett, you aren’t the first person to ask me about this, and ive contacted Sapphire today and they told me that SCAN have the core clock speed listed at the older speeds. It should be 1150mhz. you will hopefully see this change on SCAN Shortly.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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  • See this for more information http://www.futurehardware.com/latest-tech-news/737.htm

  • Meh

    This card works best underclocked if you have a clocked version, some of the overclocked 7770’s have an odd issue that causes your screen to flicker. Performance wise its a good mid/entry range card but a complete failure from the 6000 series. One thing does stand out about the 7000 series though, their using better cooling which would be a nice addage if only the prices would drop.

    @Frank I would guess it has to do with the dye shrinkage from 40nm scale to 28nm, I would have settled for a thousand stream processors if it meant abandoning such a useless shrinkage. My guess they shrunk the dye in order to control heat and leverage power out put. Which is just piss poor marketing strategy if you ask me.