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VTX3D HD7870 EyeFinity 6 Graphics Card (GHZ) Review

We connected three Dell monitors via the VTX3D HD7870 EyeFinity 6 Graphics Card.

Catalyst Control Center is easy to use and all the settings for an Eyefinity system are clearly marked in the ‘AMD Eyefinity Multi Display’ panel. The image above shows a 30 inch screen in the central position, and two 24 inch screens on either side, with one rotated into portrait mode. This is how I configure my main work system.

The next process is to configure the screens in the way you want them. Above, we are running three 24 inch screens side by side in landscape mode.

It is perfectly possible that Catalyst Control Centre may set up your screens ‘out of position’. Meaning the central screen could either be on the left or right. There is a simple process to correct this, by simply clicking on the corresponding blue screen.

The later versions of Catalyst Control Center add a very useful taskbar option, across all screens or just on the central screen. I use UltraMon, so I tend to ignore this section completely.

Custom resolutions can be configured in the last panel of this section of the driver. We would just leave it at the native settings, in this case 5760×1080.

The first time it may be a little daunting to set this up, but it all starts to make sense rather quickly.

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