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VTX3D HD7990 Review (w/ GTX690 & 6GB HD7970 Toxic CF)

VTX3D seem to frequently use artwork featuring the old ATI Mascot RUBY. We get very nostalgic when we reminiscence about Ruby.

The VTX3D HD7990 bundle is extensive, featuring a Crossfire cable, power and video converters and a weight lifter device which can be used to support the HD7990 in the socket. As the card weighs 1.8KG it does put a lot of strain on the PCIe slot and motherboard PCB.

The card is simply gargantuan, based around a metal three slot cooling system with a triple fan configuration. The cooler and PCB are all black, with only the VTX3D stickers offering any kind of colourful relief. The PCB also has a black backplate covering the PCB. This will protect the card and help improve cooling proficiency under load.

If you have a large bank balance, then you will be pleased to hear that this card is Crossfire capable in a 2 way configuration. Obviously with two GPU's on each card you would end up with a Quad Crossfire system across the two cards.

Yes, this card requires 3 x 8 pin PCIe power cables to operate correctly. This translates into around 525W of potential power demand.

There is a single DVI port, and a dual link DVI port on the back I/O plate, along with a full sized HDMI port and two mini Displayports. All outputs can be used at the same time. The red button can be depressed to access the secondary bios. Both bioses are configured to 925mhz, however only one of them will allow for successful overclocking. We will explain this in more detail later in the review.

We like the fact that a lot of the hot air generated by the card will be forced outside the case, thanks to the venting design.

Above, we can see this card is a beast and will only fit into a case which can accommodate a 312mm length graphics card. Worth checking into before parting with the money. VTX3D asked us not to dismantle this card as it had to be returned for an important event. We do know that the card features a total of 16+1 power phases, with six phases allocated for each GPU and two for each set of memory chips.

A GPUz overview of the hardware as discussed in detail on the previous page.

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