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VTX3D Radeon HD6670 Review

As we said before, the AMD HD6670 is a very good budget offering which should sell well to a very wide audience. Today we highlighted how the solution slots into the overall marketplace against cards from the low end, right to the very top. It certainly isn’t going to win any performance awards, however when considering the price and the demands of the target audience, it is very capable.

For those people who are building a new media center hooked into a high definition television this card is ideal because it only generates a tiny amount of heat and the noise emissions are very low – partly thanks to the large fan that VTX3D have included with the cooler.

If you are happy gaming at 720p or 1080p with some reduced image quality settings, the HD6670 makes for an ideal partner. As my colleague Henry said in our previous review, when compared with Intel’s integrated graphics, it is a huge step up. There is even support for Eyefinity, which will suit a business audience with no desire for high resolution, multi screen gaming.

Our HQV testing showed that AMD are really optimising their range for media playback and this card scored just under 200 points, which is a fantastic result and comparable to one of AMD’s high end boards costing significantly more money.

UK pricing for these cards is around £80 inc vat, which is competitive. It certainly won’t suit an enthusiast user looking for high quality image settings with the newest game engines – one of the latest Sapphire Xtreme series cards would be a much better purchase. The HD6670 does however bring affordable, high definition media support with a very efficient, low noise, low heat design. It is ideal for confined chassis designs and when low noise operation is a key requisite.


  • Decent gaming performance with modest settings and resolutions
  • Eyefinity support
  • fantastic image quality for HD media
  • low power consumption
  • minimal noise, even with active cooling
  • Direct X 11 support


  • Single slot version might make more sense for a portion of the prospective audience.

KitGuru says: A great card from VTX3D which will assuredly find a home in many media centers.

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Rating: 9.0.

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