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VTX3D Radeon HD6670 Review

Rating: 9.0.

There are no shortage of video cards on the market today, with all sectors perfectly covered with solutions from both AMD and Nvidia. Today we are looking at the new card from VTX3D – a custom cooled Radeon HD6670.

The HD6670 was released by AMD to target the HTPC audience, and for those wanting a card capable of ‘casual gaming' via a high definition television. AMD have included Eyefinity support on this range, meaning it is also ideal for business users who need multiple applications open at the same time.

Many readers will never have heard of VTX3D so time for a little background history:

“VTX3D” stands for VERTEX and 3D, designed to bring the ultimate visual experience in 3D graphics industry with a complete product line up fully contributed to ATI solution from enthusiast segment to HTPC solution. We’re ready to offer the most powerful and reliable products with advanced technology; and to create a reputable brand of ATI team in GPU industry.

We believe the growth of business credits to partner’s success and support. VTX3D will provide the best product solutions and grow along with our partners to establish a mutual beneficial understanding in this competitive industry.


AMD HD6670
Compute Power 768 GFLOPs
Core Clock Speed 800 mhz
Transistors 716M
Stream Processors 480
Texture Units 24
ROPs/Z-Stencil 8
Frame Buffer 1024 MB
Memory Width/Speed GDDR5

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