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VTX3D Radeon HD6770 & HD6670 Streamer Edition Review

The HD6670 Streamer Edition arrives in a red box with a high resolution image of the product on the front. VTX3D boxes are always primarily red and we don’t have a problem with that.

The bundle contains an operation guide, power cable, software disc and antenna cable.

The card is built around a red PCB, with a bright red, plastic cooler  on top. The fan blades are black, so clearly that bit escaped the red paint. The most astute among you will spot the little board at the top of the backplate – this is the digital input board. The card doesn’t require a power connector and isn’t Crossfire capable either.

The antenna attaches to this port at the top of the card. The card can accept other, more powerful antenna if you have one.

There is a full size HDMI port, DVI port and an older analog port for backwards compatibility. This might not be such a great inclusion for a gaming card, but for a media product it can be useful.

The cooler is removed with four simple screws on the rear of the PCB. It isn’t very substantial, but these cards don’t demand much power, or generate a lot of heat.

Above, a GPUz overview of the hardware which features 1GB of GDDR5 memory connected via a 128 bit memory interface. There are 480 unified shaders onboard with 8 ROPS.

Driver software is installed from the supplied optical disc as shown above.

The TV tuner is accessed via Windows Media Center. Unfortunately our location has a very weak ‘over the air’ signal meaning we couldn’t effectively test the quality of the broadcast.

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