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XFX R7970 Double Dissipation Graphics Card Review

We always have great success with Sapphire’s excellent TriXX tool so we are using the latest beta today for our overclocking results.

An incredible result, achieving almost a 30% overclock from the core – maxing out at 1,200mhz! The memory overclocked to just over 1,500mhz (6,000mhz+ effective). We could push both core and memory speeds higher, but we noticed very minor artifacting with our stress test, so we have aimed for the lowest possible 100% ‘artifact free’ settings.

When the HD7970 core is overclocked to 1,200mhz … Direct X 11 performance is actually higher than the dual GPU GTX590 according to 3dMark 11, scoring 9,429 points against 9,293 points. The AMD HD6990 is only slightly ahead, taking top position with 9,867 points. Many people are waiting on the upcoming AMD dual GPU solution, and we can see why.

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