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Synology gets serious about sizeable storage

Most famous for its affordable home/small business solutions, Synology presented a certain amount of balance at Computex recently. For ever cool unit that looks at home on your desktop, Synology also had a fully-populated monster on display. KitGuru tried to remember the last time we saw 180 hard drives in the same place at the same time.

When we met with Vincent Alliaga, Synology marketing guru, he was absolutely surrounded by cool looking kit.

We'll take a look at the ‘regular stuff' in a follow up article. Let's start with the big units.


“Synology RS18015xs+ stands out in the Data Storage category by providing a reliable and superior-performance NAS solution for enterprises seeking uninterrupted service with comprehensive business applications”, Vincent told us. “The RS18015xs+ features Advanced High Availability solution, offering automatic cluster server failover to ensure maximum system uptime. All key components of RS18015xs+ are redundant, including the power supply units, the SAS expanders and LAN ports. Running the exclusive DiskStation Manager operating system, the RS18015xs+ offers advanced virtualization support and all-round data protection”.

Impressive stuff.

That's a little more power and technology than we're used to seeing Synology's traditional range.

It seems to have been appreciated by the Computex organisers – who gave it a ‘Best Choice' award for 2014.

Next, Vincent showed us his RackStation RS3614xs – alongside an RS2414+ NAS server.


“With Synology's Advanced High Availability system, two servers share the same ‘heartbeat' – a signal that pulses through and sets the tempo for work”, Vincent explained. “The moment that heartbeat isn't detected, then the combined system will failover automatically to the passive server. With access to a common store of up to 180TB  of hard drive storage across 36 drives, this offers the kind of continuity that serious business needs. That's what makes the Synology RackStation RS3614xs so special”.


KitGuru says: While the revenues and profit margins will attract companies toward the high-end, reputation is everything when it comes to serious storage. Synology's name carries a lot of cache at the small business end of the market, time will tell if that positivity can translate up the food chain.

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