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Hitachi ship worlds first enterprise class 3TB Sata Drive

Hitachi are shipping the worlds first enterprise class 3TB hard drive. The Ultrastar 7k3000 is a 7,200rpm drive that is supplied with either 6 Gbit/sec. serial SCSI or SATA interfaces.

The 3.5 inch 7K3000 replaces the A7K2000 and has 5 platters. It increases areal density however on those disks by 50%, from 400GB to 600GB. The guaranteed meantime between failure is 2 million hours and the SAS version is dual ported for added resiliency.

Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing at Hitachi GST said “Serial ATA drives typically have 1.2 million hour MTBFs. And typically, high-performance drives have higher reliability, but they also have a higher price. In looking at quality reports from our customers … we realized we were blowing away our own [specifications]. In the field we were meeting 2 million to 3 million MTBF.”

“The ability to guarantee 40% more usable life than drives that have 1.2 million MTBF ratings means data centers can reduce their overall total cost of ownership for servers and arrays using the hardware.” he continued.

The hard drive also requires 32% less wattage to power per gigabyte of capacity when compared with the previous model and it comes with native data encryption. They are also offering a 2TB version of the drive and both will be available mid 2011.

KitGuru says: Should be a big seller in business circles.

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