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Toshiba launches largest-capacity 2.5-inch 3TB HDD

Toshiba Corp. has introduced the world’s highest-capacity 2.5” hard disk drive. The offering can hold 3TB of data and sets up a record, however, the drive may not be suitable for mainstream laptops. The Toshiba MQ03ABB300 hard disk drive with 3TB capacity is based on four perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) 750GB …

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Norton costs more than 3TB storage solution

The are plenty of ways to measure value in a given market – and each industry has its own quirks – but two offers landed in the KitGuru spam-sack this morning that, side-by-side, gave us pause. Even with the constant improvements to hard drive production cost efficiency, does this pairing …

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Aria slashes pricing on 3TB and 4TB drives

It was almost a year ago that the world’s weather patterns combined to cause the tragedy of the Thailand floods. Alongside the loss of life, Western Digital’s hard drive production was knocked for six and the world suffered huge increases in price. As KitGuru predicted, summer 2012 saw prices return …

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HDD prices drop – rejoice, rejoice

The tragic loss of life during last year’s Thailand floods was only the first in a series of steps that negatively impacted an economically wobbly world. As the price of hard drives increased by close to 300% at times, PC prices increased and specifications fell – something we’d not seen …

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3TB memory cards – the shape of things to come ?

Journalists always get sent stuff. Every day, sometimes several times a day, you will get the bing bong from your local courier service as they drop off another package. Most of the time, it’s kit for testing. Sometimes it’s a promotional product. We were going to consign the latest 1GB …

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Hitachi release 3TB Hard Drive

It seems that very few companies are promoting their 3TB drives lately, and Hitachi have joined the ‘silent’ launch with their new 3TB unit – the DeskStar 7K3000. The Deskstar 7K3000 has five platters @ 600GB each and is supplied at 7,200 rpm with 64MB of cache via a 6Gbp/s …

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