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HDD prices drop – rejoice, rejoice

The tragic loss of life during last year's Thailand floods was only the first in a series of steps that negatively impacted an economically wobbly world. As the price of hard drives increased by close to 300% at times, PC prices increased and specifications fell – something we'd not seen before. KitGuru cleans out its spam tray, but hangs on to one marketing message from eBuyer.

Back in January, one of KitGuru's operatives sent in a photograph of a Maplin shop window to our news team. It showed a 1TB Seagate drive on ‘special offer' at just £119.

Today's mass emailer from eBuyer has a 3TB Barracuda drive on offer at just £114. It's a moment that we all knew would come, but it did not look good at the start of the year.

On its own, this is a cool price drop – but it also opens the door for something else: A significant fall in the price of 4TB drives.

These monster storage devices recently launched with prices up to £400 from some stores, but we're now seeing them appear on sites like Scan for £263.

Very, very tempting at £114 - but we're really waiting for a 4TB price plummet

KitGuru says: We expect 4TB drives to drop below £200 shortly and they should, by the end of the year, be heading down closer to £150. While we love the sexy SSD action, we're also partial to a bit of big-drive-muscle.

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