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4TB hard drive: Hitachi preps for launch

With its marriage to IBM in 2003, Hitachi claims to have been in the hard drive game for 50 years. For 2010, they’re about to get serious with the launch of Mars, the bringer of war.

We’ve all got our ‘I remember when they launched the X capacity drive’ stories. Some memories begin with the 5MB Winchesters, while others didn’t start noticing that size does matter until Hitachi and  Seagate went neck and neck over the line to launch the 1TB drive in May 2007.

Hitachi is now readying plans to unveil the 4TB Mars drive before the year is out.

Built on 5 high density platters, this product will be a favourite with major data centres like Google, especially in its Enhanced Availability (EA) variant – designed to run 24×7 for years. Pricing has yet to be set, but expect to pay a suitable premium.

KitGuru says: We love high density storage, you can never get enough of the stuff. Look round the room where you are now and remember where you were when you heard about the 4TB desktop standard drive.

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