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Channel price of 4TB Barracuda drive drops below £100

With the huge flooding tragedy that took out Western Digital toward the end of 2011, hard drive prices climbed faster than an F15 in intercept mode. Things calmed down in 2012 and over the course of 2013, we have seen strong competition. But can prices drop much further?

With a sizeable team of newhounds, reviewers and editors, KitGuru’s collective inboxes get a regular flood of offers for all sorts of technical wizardry.

Most of the time, these are spam-filtered automatically or scanned visually and ignored.

Once in a while, something really stands out and gets our attention.

Today, it is an offer for a 4TB Seagate SATA III drive which is now being sold to consumers in the UK for £124 with free delivery.

Taking off VAT and a small margin, means that this drive is being sold into the channel for less than £100.

Now that Seagate has proven its ‘Shingling’ technology, which allows for 25% more data to be written to each patter in a hard drive – using some clever ‘overlapping’ – we know that 4TB drives will soon be replaced by 5TB drives which have, in fact, the same drive platter configuration.

For now, here’s the deal that caught our collective eyes this morning.

Right now, it is less than £100 to the reseller - pretty soon it could be under £100 to us
Right now, it is less than £100 to the reseller – pretty soon it could be under £100 to us

KitGuru says: While the number ‘4’ may be small, the overall size of 4TB is actually pretty huge. The advent of SSD products has meant we all think a little more carefully about what we store and where. Creating a new system with a 240GB SSD boot drive and a pair of 4TB drives for long term data and backup would be smart and could add less than £390 to your overall build cost.

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