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Expect your PS4 to only have 400GB of space

While each PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may come packing half terrabyte drives in them at launch, Sony’s new console will only give you about 400GB of space right off the bat – at least according to the reports coming out of a lucky early owner.

This comes from screenshots found over at NeoGAF (via Kotaku) which show a user who’s managed to get hold of his PS4 a little earlier than the rest of the world. In the images, he shows us that he’s installed a few games, including Killzone: Shadow Fall, taking up 84GB on the system. Not too bad considering the Killzone box suggests as much as 45GB may be required.

However, despite only that 84GB being used, the available system lists free space at just 323GB. Where did that extra 100GB go?

Source: anexanhume

It seems likely to be a mix of the typical manufacturer fluff on final hard drive sizes (where a 500gb  HDD would have an actual size of 460GB or so) and the fact that the PS4 OS requires tens of gigabytes to function. On top of that, its likely Sony put aside a fair amount of space for its share feature, which would need to record the last few minutes of gameplay constantly in-case you needed it.

Kitguru Says:  Whatever the reason though, be aware that that already restrictive sounding 500GB in the PS4, is actually nearly 100GB less than that. You’re going to need a replacement drive on this one. Fortunately, 2Tb drives are under £150 these days, so it’s hardly going to cost you much to find a worthy upgrade. 

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