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ASRock 890GX Extreme4 Motherboard Review

The ASRock 890GX Extreme4 motherboard is supplied in a large dark-blue box.  The front is decorated with information about the board's most interesting features and the back contains a breakdown of the features and specifications in much more detail.

The bundle supplied with the motherboard is extensive to say the least.  We find the usual manual which details all aspects of the motherboard alongside a driver / software DVD, a BIOS manual, four SATA cables, a USB3.0 front panel bezel and an I/O faceplate.

We find three PCI Express x16 slots on the board which support 3-way CrossFireX and Hybrid CrossFire.  There are also three PCI slots between these for further expansion if needed.

The four DDR3 memory slots support up to 16GB of ram with a maximum frequency of 1866MHz when overclocked.  For Dual-Channel to be enabled with two sticks of RAM, they must be inserted into slots of the same colour, either blue or white.

There are five SATA3 (6.0Gbps) ports at the base of the board which are white in colour and support RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10.  We would usually expect more SATA ports than this on such a motherboard but we cant imagine that many people will actually use this many so this is forgivable.

ASRock have been very generous when it comes to external connections. The 890GX Extreme4 supports up to 10x USB2.0 ports and 4x USB3.0 port, two of which are on the motherboard panel with the other two are accessible using the front bezel.  Alongside the two USB3.0 ports on the motherboard panel, there are 4x USB2.0 ports, a VGA port, a DVI-D port, a HDMI connector, an eSATA3 port, a gigabit ethernet jack, an optical S/PDIF port, an IEEE1394 port, a PS/2 keyboard port, 6x 3.5mm audio jacks and a clear CMOS button.

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  1. Seems like a good board again from asrock. they dont have a wonderful name, but their latest products look to be a higher standard than earlier ones.

  2. Doesnt seem to have any major flaws. PCB design looks good.

  3. solid buy, not an asus or MSI product, but they are getting there 🙂

  4. ASrock deliver these at good price points.

  5. no point reviewing these things, you cant buy them anywhere, only in america. waste of time.

  6. Very nice board, seems very good buy

  7. id never buy an asrock board. they are cheap make.

  8. This seems to be a good all round product with support for everything like USB 3 and sata 6gbps. only issue I have with asrock is availabiltiy which means ive never been able to try one.

  9. My friend had an asrock board and it was pretty good, he bought it cause of local pricing here. its very good.

  10. what is memory support like, I read a thread a while ago about a reviewer who couldnt get his memory to work with the board until they updated the bios

  11. seems good to me guys thanks 🙂 ill order one later

  12. Klingons for dinner

    Its a long way to find one of these. whats the memory support like, DDR3 up to what?