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Coolink GFXChilla Cooler (with Zotac GT 240) Review

The installation process is simplified greatly by the excellent guide provided by Coolink.  This contains both detailed instructions and large diagrams of the process.

Firstly, we are required to remove the stock cooler from the card.  This is a simple matter of unscrewing the four screws on the underside and removing the fan header.  We also have to remove the existing thermal paste and clean the die ready for the new paste.

Then we have to measure the distance between the four screw holes on the card and consult the diagrams to see which holes in the mounting bracket we need to use.  Then we have to screw the pins into the bracket and place a washer on each one.

Next we are instructed to stick down the small heatsinks to the RAM and then the voltage regulators.  One thing we weren’t instructed to do was to use the lower-height heatsinks for the RAM chips which sit under the heatpipes so the cooler can lie flat – something we didn’t discover until we reached the next step of the process.

The final step is to apply the thermal compound and then place the cooler on top of the GPU.  Then it is a simple matter of securing it down with the provided spring-screws.

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