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Coolink GFXChilla Cooler (with Zotac GT 240) Review

To measure temperatures we used Everest Ultimate and to load the GPU to 100% we used Furmark.  Room temperature was maintained at 23c for the duration of our tests.  We used MSI Afterburner to overclock the card and tested for stability using Furmark.

We were able to achieve a 15% overclock on the GT 240 using the standard cooler which is quite impressive for a low-end card.  With the GFXChilla installed we were able to push this a further 20MHz which translates into an 18% overclock.  This isn’t a huge amount considering the extra cost of the cooler but as you’ll see below, the temperatures achieved are much more impressive.  We’ll see how these overclocks translate into real-world performance in the following sections.

The stock cooler managed to keep the GT 240 at a reasonable 64 degrees under load with temperatures increasing only three degrees when overclocked.  Using the GFXChilla, however, we were able to reduce the load temperature by a whopping 23 degrees at stock clocks and 24 degrees when overclocked.  This is a great result and a temperature of 43 degrees when the card is overclocked and loaded with FurMark is nothing short of astonishing.  This really proves the worth of using an aftermarket cooler with your card.

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  • Tim

    Might work better on a hotter core, but its cheap enough. shame its so ugly mind you.

    I would say anyone aiming to cool a high end board would spend more on a cooler like this ?

  • Eric K

    That has to be the most ugly looking cooler i have seen in recent years. Looks like they forgot to paint it. an airfix kit.

  • Sam

    Seems to be priced more for low end cards so I think the fact you tested it on a mass market card is a good idea rather than a 5870 or something. I agree though, its extremely ugly looking, not exactly primed for a case mod window system.

  • Roger

    Might be a good deal for someone who has spend say 120 quid on a card or less and wants to improve the cooling. I cant see anyone with a high end board getting this when artic cooling have such brilliant third party coolers out now. price is good, looks arent. Isnt that part of the reason of getting a third party cooler to get something that looks wicked and also cools well?

  • Seth

    Not a bad product, but quite fugly!