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Corsair Graphite 600T Mid-Tower Case Review

The 600T is supplied in a sizable brown cardboard box which is decorated only by a drawing of the case and some information about it.  Inside the box, we find the case wrapped in a plastic sheet and sandwiched between two slabs of polystyrene.  This should provide ample protection for the case during transit.

Corsair include the accessories within the case itself – these consist of a quick start guide, a selection of screws and some cable ties.

Like the rest of Corsair's case range, the 600T has a steel construction.  But unlike the others, Corsair have chosen to finish it in a combination of plastic and steel mesh which gives it a sophisticated visage.  The sleek curves that Corsair have incoporated into the design disguise how wide this case actually is compared to other mid-tower cases.  This width isn't a bad thing though; it gives us more room for cable routing behind the motherboard tray which is something mid-tower cases often lack.

The width of the case has also allowed Corsair to accommodate two mammoth 200mm white LED fans into the front and top of the case.  The speed of these can be adjusted using a large knob on the top of the case – and you can hook up other fans to this system to be controlled using the same knob.

We find all the front panel connections alongside the fan control knob on the top.  Corsair have catered for just about everything we could ask for in this area; four USB2.0 ports, 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks, a full-size firewire port and a single USB3.0 port.  As there isn't yet a standard motherboard header for front panel USB3.0 ports, there is a USB3.0 cable which has to be plugged into the back of the motherboard.  Corsair have implemented one of the less elegant solutions for this that we've seen, running the cable through the top add-in card cover.  We would have preferred to see a dedicated hole at the top of the case and a slightly longer cable.

Pressing down on the mesh section on the top allows us to remove it completely.  This reveals a space which can be filled by two 2x 120mm fans, freeing up space where the 200mm fan is for a 240mm radiator.  But for those who plan to watercool their system on any serious level, the Corsair 600T isn't really appropriate as there is only room for a slim radiator here.  There is also a lock in here which secures the side panel, meaning no one can steal your components at LAN events.  There is also a removable mesh section in the front which houses a dust filter for the front intake fan.

Corsair have opted for the tool-less approach to side panels.  Each one is secured by two latches which allow speedy access to the inside of your case and secure the side panel as effectively as screws.

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