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3D TV without glasses is finally upon us, with technology from the PS3

If like us, you hate the thought of sitting in the house like a lemon with 3D Glasses then the new system from Toshiba will certainly be an appealing proposition. They are preparing a solution which can produce images with the illusion of depth without requiring glasses.

These televisions are due for release in Japan at the end of the year and we are positive they are going to appeal to a huge audience. They are going to offer a 12 inch model and a 20 inch model, which means that 50 inch versions are still a time away. Unfortunately the price may very well make your hair fall out, as they are marketed at $1,430 and $2,900 respectively.

The 20 inch version is using the Cell Broadband engine, a version of the processor found in the Playstation 3 console from Sony. This supports several image processing features and with this processor power on tap it will be able to support 2D image conversion to ‘quasi-3d’ on the fly.

Toshiba Cell Based TV

Toshibas new range of 3D televisions have a thin sheet of small lenses in front of the display and behind this screen is a custom designed LCD panel. Each screen has 8.29 million pixels, which is four times the number of pixels found in a standard HD TV today. These are banked into groups of nine pixels of each colour and these then split the light from each bank of pixels and send it to nine points in front of the TV. This effectively creates a 3D illusion for the viewer.

KitGuru says: Similar technology is used in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS hand held gaming device which we are really looking forward to getting our hands on.

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