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Youtube Employs Trained Monkeys

KitGuru is an old fart who likes nothing better than watching old Metallica videos while munching breakfast and preparing for a day under the radar of the world’s leading technology companies. Who knew ?

Imagine our surprise this morning when tried to go from Enter Sandman at the Freddie Mercury tribute gig to Stone Cold Crazy and Youtube’s global server system collapsed under the strain!

However, once we’d dried the coffee  that had flown out (atomised) through our nostrils, we stopped to read the error report and realised one of the great secrets of Youtube’s success.

Keep your Pamela Anderson posters, watch the Breakfast Club, crave the TransAm and believe that vinyl will return - there's hope for all of us!

So, there you have it, hope for all geeks – everywhere !

If this story appeals, then you likely suffer from insomnia as well (cos all uber-geeks are smart and smart folk don’t sleep). Fear not that Youtube will collapse, listen to this while you try to sleep at night – it will make everything better.

KitGuru says: We’ve updated our CVs and applied for a salary of nuts & bananas. We might have to live in a youtube cage, but at least out bowels will be clean.

Comment below, it’s not worth a forum thread – is it?

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