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Corsair Graphite 600T Mid-Tower Case Review

Firstly we installed the PSU into the 600T which was a refreshingly simple process.  The PSU slides into place and is secured by a tiny bracket and a few cleverly placed metal tabs.  We were surprised how stronly this secured the power supply in place – we wouldn't even be tempted to use screws if we were shipping it across the country.

Installing the motherboard is also a simple process as the motherboard standoffs are preinstalled into the motherboard tray.  We decided to use a Coolit Vantage CPU cooler for testing which was also very easy to install, in part due to the large cutout in the motherboard.

The hard drive trays are a little flimsy for our liking but once you fill it with a hard drive, it is far more rigid.  You can screw hard drives in if you like but it's not really necessary as there are four pins which hold it securely in place.  2.5″ drives do need to be screwed down, though.

At KitGuru we rarely use optical drives for testing as we use USB drives to install Windows.  But Corsair have implemented a simple tool-less mechanism for securing optical drives.

The right hand side panel is also secured using two tool-less latches.  Opening it up reveals a larger than usual space for routing cables through all those grommets in the motherboard tray.

In here we find the headers for the fan control knob which we have to connect to the three fan cables.  The front panel headers also have to be routed through the holes and connected up to the motherboard.  Then it's a simple matter of connecting up the rest of the cables, replace the side panels and you're ready to go!

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