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Computex 2023: Leo dives into the latest power supply tech from FSP

This week at Computex, Leo explores the FSP booth to get a closer look at our highest-rated power supply, the Hydro Ti Pro, as well as a bunch of other upcoming hardware.  

Watch via YouTube below:


  • 00:00 Cool FSP mod
  • 00:24 Power Supply showcase
  • 03:25 Dagger Pro H610M 12VO
  • 03:56 The Hydro name – and new names!
  • 04:30 FSP Coolers and new patent
  • 05:45 Installation frame
  • 06:03 FSP AIO’s
  • 06:35 FSP Cases / Sign off

First up at the FSP booth we swiftly noticed an impressive mod for the Hydro Ti Pro 1000W PSU. This is the same power supply we reviewed last month, finding it to offer class-leading performance, although we're still waiting for answers on future UK availability.

Next up is a new, in-development power supply, the Anemoi. This is an 80Plus Platinum, ATX 3.0 power supply, but it differs from the rest of the pack with its cooling solution. Rather than going for a completely passive build, FSP has added some heatpipe heatsinks to the components in the power supply and outfitted it with a very slow-speed fan. This way, it should remain inaudible inside of the case, and you'll have a longer life span for the components compared to a fully passive cooling solution. FSP has a range of other ATX 3.0 power supplies too, from the Dagger series to the Hydro series.

The Dagger Pro H610M 12VO PSU is another interesting one, being one of the few PSUs to support Intel's ATX12VO standard, which complies with California efficiency regulations, calling for new motherboard connectors and power supplies to go with them.

FSP has a new high-end air cooler in the works, the MX09. It is a dual-tower heatsink with a 120mm fan on the front and a 140mm fan in the centre between the two heatsinks. It has six heatpipes to draw heat away from the CPU and a spring-loaded installation method and convenient fan placement should make it easy to install. There are also three AIO liquid coolers on the way with RGB fans and an RGB-lit logo on the CPU pump, available in 240mm, 360mm and 420mm sizes. They use a dual-chamber pump design and handy cable covers to keep fan cables hidden.

Finally, there is a new case on the way, the Cut 593, which is available in black and white with a choice of front panel, one with a fabric cover, and another with a cut-out design to allow for more airflow.

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