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Computex 2023: G.Skill showcases incredible modded PCs and high-speed DDR5 memory

This week at Computex G.Skill debuted new ultra high-speed DDR5 memory and high capacity kits. Now, Leo takes a closer look, while also browsing some very impressive modded PC builds. 

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First up on the list is the G.Skill DDR5-8800 48GB kit. The live demo on show at Computex also features an Intel Core i9-13900K and an Asus ROG Z790 Apex Motherboard to showcase the full overclocking potential of DDR5 memory.

G.Skill is also showcasing its new R-DIMM DDR5-6800 64GB memory kit, built for the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors. These kits will be available in large capacities, up to 384GB, or in smaller capacities with faster speeds. Going in the opposite direction, G.Skill has also launched new SO-DIMM DDR5 modules for Intel NUC systems. At Computex this week, G.Skill is demonstrating its DDR5-6400 32GB kit running in the Intel NUC 13 Extreme.

AMD is not being left behind in the conversation here. Supporting AMD EXPO memory overclocking profiles, G.Skill is launching the new Trident Z5 Neo gamily, with capacities all the way up to 192GB for the X670 platform.

Of course, G.Skill's Royal series of memory is still present and on show thanks to its striking design and RGB illumination. The booth here at Computex also has some incredible modded PC builds, from a beer-cooling PC, to a fruit machine mod, and even an RGB pyramid.

The WigiDash display is a new dashboard display add-on coming from G.Skill, offering a small capacitive touch display with various widgets to give shortcuts, display system info and other tools. The grid of widgets will be customisable through software.

G.Skill's 360mm AIO liquid cooler also deserves some spotlight for its implementation of RGB in the fans and CPU block, featuring a similar crystalline design to the Trident Z Royal memory.

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KitGuru Says: G.Skill always has something impressive in store for Computex. This year we get extremely fast DDR5-8800 memory, but G.Skill is already working on achieving even faster speeds. 

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