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Thermaltake unveils new cases, coolers, peripherals and more in virtual expo

As the COVID-19 situation continues, physical events continue to be off the table, including Computex, which we would normally be attending around this time of year. Thermaltake decided to do the next best thing, hosting a virtual expo to showcase new PC gear. We attended the expo yesterday and now, we can give you all of the details on the new announcements. 

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Thermaltake is well known for its cases and this year, there will be plenty more to choose from. We’ll start with the AH T200, which is a more compact version of the AH T600. It is described as a non-conventional chassis, which is clear to see based on the design. It is semi-open, with plenty of room for airflow, a mesh intake in the roof and a tempered glass window.

Joining the Thermaltake Core series of cases is the Core P8 Tempered Glass Full Tower, which is designed to either stand vertically or be mounted to a wall. It is a big case, with room to house up to 18 120mm fans, or 12 140mm fans if preferred. The PCI-E slots are rotational and you get a riser cable, so you can mount a GPU vertically. The design is modular, so you get plenty of freedom in how you show off your hardware.

The DistroCase 350P mid-tower is up next, which is another modular chassis but with an interesting twist- the main body is a distro plate with its own water channels. It is immediately ready to go for water cooling, with convenient inlets and outlets. You will still need a pump, tubing, radiators and blocks for the hardware you want to cool, but your case acting as your reservoir is a very interesting concept.

Each of these cases will launch this year. The Core P8 TG and the DistroCase 350P are due to be available in July for $199 and $599 respectively. The AH T200 is coming in September for $139 in black and $149 in white.

For Mini-ITX enthusiasts, you can expect the Tower 100 from Thermaltake this year, with the design based on its larger sibling, the Tower 900. It is a cheap and cheerful mini chassis too, launching at $79 in September 2020.

Power Supplies

Thermaltake is introducing the Toughpower PSU series, hitting all the key market segments you would expect. We start off with the Toughpower GF2 ARGB, which is an 80Plus Gold unit available in 650W. 750W and 850W versions. The Toughpower PF1 is 80Plus Platinum rated, delivering even higher efficiency in 650W, 750W and 850W flavours. Finally, the Toughpower TF1 is the flagship, delivering 80Plus Titanium rated efficiency and a massive 1550W capacity.

The Thermaltake Toughpower SFX is also coming for those who want a small but efficient PSU for a Mini-ITX build. The SFX edition is still 80Plus Gold and offers up to 650W capacity, giving you the ability to build a pretty powerful rig in a small case.

The Toughpower series supports Smart Zero Fan, so the PSU will be passive while under 20% load, after that, the fan will kick on. TT also boasts Low Ripple Noise, keeping all ripples below 30mV for high stability.

If you want something a bit cheaper, then the Thermaltake Smart BM2 is coming in August. This is the budget range, offering 80Plus Bronze efficiency and 450W, 550W, 650W and 750W versions.

Coolers and Fans

Thermaltake has been bolstering its lineup with its own coolers and fans for years now, creating a full ecosystem of DIY PC parts. This week, we are seeing the introduction of new cooling fans, all-in-one liquid coolers and custom liquid cooling gear.

Starting off, we have two new case fans, one that will brighten up your rig with RGB LEDs and one with no lights at all. The Pure Duo 12/14 is your ARGB option, coming in a two-pack that will be at retailers this month, starting at $39 for black and going up to $49 for white. Then, there is the TOUGHFAN, a 120mm high air pressure fan with 9 blades and a speed range of 500 RPM to 2000 RPM. The TOUGHFAN is due to launch in July with pricing starting at $19.99.

On the All-in-One liquid cooling front, Thermaltake is launching the Floe RC240 and RC360, an AIO to cool both your CPU and your RAM. It will be available in 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes and ships with high airflow fans to keep temperatures down. RGB is included, so you can expect it to sync up with ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock RGB motherboards. According to Thermaltake, this AIO will reduce RAM temperatures by about 10 degrees.

If you are looking for a simpler, CPU-only AIO, then you are covered on that front too. The Thermaltake ARGB TH series is coming, with 120mm, 240mm and 360mm radiator options. The radiator has a large surface area to increase heat dissipation, the high static-pressure fans will take care of things from there, keeping temperatures in check. The CPU block has a copper base and a pump to keep coolant circulating around.

Finally, for custom liquid-cooling enthusiasts, Thermaltake has a Pacific D5 Plus reservoir and pump combo unit, a Pacific W7 water block and a Pacific MX1 CPU water block coming. The pump/res combo is self explanatory but the two CPU blocks have some interesting differences.

Both the Pacific W7 and the MX1 CPU blocks use copper bases with anti-corrosive nickel plating. They also include a built-in temperature sensor. The key difference is really in size, with the MX1 taking inspiration from AIO CPU blocks, standing a bit taller than your usual CPU water block. Both will be available at some point in Q3 2020.

Peripherals and Desks

The Thermaltake Argent series of gaming peripherals are hitting the market, including a mechanical keyboard, a wireless mouse, headsets and other extras like a headset stand, mouse pad and mouse cord bungee.

The Argent K5 is the mechanical keyboard, complete with RGB lighting, media controls, a space grey body and most importantly, Cherry MX mechanical switches. For this keyboard, you get a choice between Cherry MX Blue switches with clicky, tactile feedback, or Cherry MX Silver, which is Cherry’s quickest gaming switch with lower actuation distance and travel.

The Argent M5 RGB is Thermaltake’s mouse, packing a Pixart PMW-3389 optical sensor and OMRON switches. The design is symmetrical, so it is a good choice for right or left-handed people. The wireless version has the same design and switches but a different sensor, moving to the Pixart PMW-3335 optical sensor. The wireless version can connect via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz, it can also be used while wired and charging. In terms of battery life, you should expect up to 52 hours on Bluetooth while keeping the RGB LEDs active. That number reduces to around 36 hours using a 2.4GHz connection.

To go with the Argent M5 mouse, TT is releasing the Argent MP1 RGB mouse pad and the MB1 RGB mouse bungee. The mouse pas has an aluminium base plate and RGB lighting around the edge. Non-slip rubber is also used underneath to keep your mouse pad in place. The bungee is used to hold and lift your mouse cable, eliminating cable drag.

Finishing off the lineup are the Argent H5 headsets. The Argent H5 Stereo is the base model, with two 50mm Hi-Res drivers in each ear cup, a bi-directional detachable microphone and a headband with 15 levels of adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit on just about anyone.

The H5 RGB Surround is next, featuring the same design as the H5 Stereo, but upgrades to 50mm drivers with DTS Headphone: X v2.0 virtual surround sound. This will simulate 7.1 surround sound, which can be toggled on and off with the in-line controller. You also get RGB on the ear cups and a detachable microphone.

The Argent H5 RGB Wireless is the final headset of the bunch, featuring 40mm drivers, DTS Headphone:  X v2.0 surround sound and of course, wireless functionality. The headset uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection and aims to be as low latency as possible.

An Argent HS1 RGB Headset Stand is also coming and doubles as a USB 3.0 hub and 3.5mm audio passthrough, so you can keep the top of your desk tidy.

Our final talking point is the ToughDesk 500L RGB Battlestation, another gaming desk from Thermaltake but this time around, it is designed in a unique L shape, giving you additional table area on the side of the main desk. Electronic height adjustment is built in, which can take the desk from 70cm tall to 110cm, making it suitable for sitting and standing. You can save up to four height presets too, so you can adjust the desk to your liking at the press of a button.

As you would expect, there is a full-surface RGB mousepad covering the main desk and there are cable management routes to keep things tidy. Thermaltake’s L-shaped gaming desk will be available starting in September.


That does it for our Thermaltake Expo announcements. There is a lot coming over the next few months and we’ll be looking forward to reviewing some of it. Be sure to check out Leo’s video above for some of his own thoughts on the event too.

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