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Kingston unveils 3GHz 128GB DDR4 memory kit

Kingston Memory has introduced the world’s fastest 128GB DDR4 quad-channel memory kit that is rated to run at 3.0GHz. The kit is designed for high-end workstations based on Intel Corp.’s Core i7-5960X central processing unit.

The kit consists of eight 16GB HyperX Predator modules that can run at 3000MHz with ultra-tight CL16 16-16-36 timings and standard voltages. It is highly likely that the new modules are based on Samsung Electronics 8Gb memory chips that power 16GB modules from other manufacturers.

Kingston’s high-performance quad-channel 128GB DDR4 kits are designed for Intel X99 platform and Core i7 5800/5900-series “Haswell-E” microprocessors. Thanks to 3GHz clock-rate, the new modules provide memory bandwidth of up to whopping 96GB/s. The modules fully support Intel’s XMP 2.0 technology and can set their clock-rates – which exceed standard JEDEC-approved DDR4 frequencies – automatically.


The 128GB kit weds server-class capacity with high-end desktop performance. Gamers and professionals who need a lot of fast memory will benefit from the quad-channel DDR4 solution.

Kingston did not reveal pricing of the new memory kit. Given its performance, it is highly likely that the price of the multi-module quad-channel memory solution will easily exceed £1000/$1400/€1400.

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KitGuru Says: While 128GB of ultra-fast memory sounds “cool”, desktop computers do not need such extreme amount of memory, whereas workstations and servers are not designed for factory-overclocked modules. Therefore, it is unlikely that Kingston will sell a lot of such kits…

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