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Corsair achieve new DDR3 memory speed record

Corsair produce some killer memory products, and those of you who have read our coverage of the X79 launch will have seen their Dominator GTX8 modules score almost 50GB/s of bandwidth at 2,400mhz in quad channel.

The overclocking feat was achieved on a FX8150 system with Dominator GTX6 memory modules. The system however was only running in single channel mode, meaning that it isn’t really representative of a ‘real world’ result.

Xbit labs reported on the result – a final score of 3,467.8mhz (1733.8mhz). This was recorded on the Asus CrossHair V Formula motherboard, with an FX 8150 processor, and 1GB of Dominator GTX6 memory cooled with Liquid Nitrogen.

Jake Crimmins, an employee of Corsair and champion overclocker said “Breaking overclocking world records requires skill, ingenuity, and the right equipment. I have broken several records using Dominator GT memory. It is reliable, it has amazing headroom, and it’s never let me down.”

Kitguru says: The previous record was held by G.Skill.

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  • Robert

    Nice, but as you say, rather useless in the real world.

  • Shriraj

    Corsair is the undisputed memory king

  • Andrew

    Why don’t they put the UUT in something like a fishtank and flush it with dry nitrogen gas first? It would reduce the condensation drastically. Or are they hoping the higher dielectric constant of ice compared to water will help achieve higher frequencies? (Cite: http://www.rfcafe.com/references/electrical/dielectric-constants-strengths.htm)