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iPad 3 will have a super high resolution (QXGA) screen

Apple fans will be wetting themselves with excitement as it appears the rumors for many months have been true. The upcoming iteration of the iPad will have a super high resolution screen. Sources are claiming a near ‘retina display quality resolution'.

Richard Shim, a DisplaySearch analyst has told CNET that production has already started for the 2048×1536, 10 inch tablet screens. Parts manufacturers are listed as Sharp, LGD and Samsung. Many sources felt that Apple wouldn't be working with Samsung due to their many legal battles over patent violations between the iPad and Galaxy Tab tablets.

Shim said “It takes a couple of weeks for the production to go to the [the manufacturers], Then the manufacturer puts them in the housing. Then, that goes off to shipment. We could start seeing finished devices produced in December. And then being ready to be shipped in January. With volumes gearing up in February and March.”

While many rumors have circulated in recent months, it would appear that this statement is founded on knowledge of the matter.

One of the key problems with the release of a 10 inch screen with such high resolution is the manufacturing challenge needed. It has required a whole new fabrication structure to develop the technology. Multiple displays would be fabbed on a single wafer, with some producing failures.

iSuppli, a research firm have commented to CNET about the matter saying “We know there are yield issues. This is certainly a huge step up as far as pixel format, and every time you do that, there will be yield issues. But this is going forward. There are a number of reasons why a panel would be rejected — a dead pixel, a pixel stuck on, a pixel stuck off. You may get issues where luminescence is inconsistent from edge to edge, and all manner of other problems.”

According to Rhoda Alexander in iSuppli the original iPad was fraught with similar problems. The yield issues were around 50 percent meaning that 50 out of 100 had to be binned. As the production continues however, the manufacturing process is fine tuning and the failure rate is lower.

Kitguru says: Would you like a 2048×1536 resolution iPad 3? We think everyone would, but we will be interested to hear how the pricing will be effected.

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